Sakazuki in Danger! | Blackbeard’s Final Checkmate!

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in the midst of one of the most important gatherings in One Piece “The Reverie”. there was something that sparked tragedy in the holy land. And with this, tragedy piqued a certain man’s interest. The infamous Blackbeard Pirates are on the move to collect something very important. So important that we see his signature smile. The smile of deception and excitement as he’s ready to move on his target immediately. Let’s talk about what’s gotten Marshal D Teach so riled up to enter the holy land and take one of its treasures for himself.

Manga Spoiler Disclaimer

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and what that being said let’s get into it

Two of The strongest devil fruits in one piece are the Magma and Tremor Fruit. The power’s to tear the world in half. It’s not just speculation and opinion but the truth in this anime world. These fruits shake the foundation! They put even marine admirals in the fetal position! What super overpowered fruits they are!

Blackbeard the collecter

The Power to Destroy the World

As we’ve seen so far, Blackbeard does not split focus. If He has a goal then typically he follows through with his efforts very well regardless of how we perceive his seemingly clumsy nature. So far he’s been on a mission to collect the most powerful devil fruits known and unknown in the world in one piece and does this to build the strongest pirate crew in the world. If my theory is correct then Blackbeard should be on his way right now to confront whoever is the next victim of his grand scheme. and I’m going to speculate that he will be searching for The top marine himself, fleet admiral Sakazuki

Is Sakazuki Dead?

one of my theories would be Sakazuki either having been the fatality spoken of in chapter 956 or was severely injured by sabo. in 1028 we see Rob Lucci giving instructions and orders to the rest of the marine forces for them to complete. but where is the fleet admiral? of course, this would be something the marines would like to try and cover up. which could be eluding to the topic that “Big News” Morgans felt needed to be printed without manipulation.

Creating a Living Weapon of Mass Destruction

Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Darkness

Eiichiro Oda has already stated that if Akainu was a pirate, then he could conquer the grand line and obtain the One Piece in just one year! If that isn’t a major statement then I don’t know what is! With that being said, being a power that Blackbeard would drool over getting his hand on, this is one of the strongest fruits in one piece.

With the Magma-Magma devil fruit, Blackbeard would be in control of darkness, earthquakes, and magma control. Thus making him able to create fissures in the earth, and produce volcanoes that rise into the sky. Deploying darkness to block out the sun, Blackbeard would be able to negate any devil fruit within range.

Blackbeard will Supplant & Takeover Marigeois (EP.956-957)

in chapter ___ Blackbeard is shown to have an extreme interest in the disasters that happened at the reverie. he grins and laughs and states that something came up for grabs and it’s up to them to attain it. now fast forward to chapters 1028 & 1037 and we see battleships moving on the closed-off land of Wano to take it into government possession as well as an unknown Godlike devil fruit

(which I give my opinion on in this video in the link above)

considering the power they would have to shift for this mission we should assume that green bull and Fujitora will be accompanying this takeover. considering the marines are highly aware of the powerful warriors that always seem to come out of Wano and with this being known they would navigate their best forces for the job.

(Subversive & not)


  • Sabo Mercy Killed Kuma In Marigeois – no one else would have the heart to kill Kuma even in his current state


  • SABO V.S SAKAZUKI as an attempt to rectify his vendetta by avenging his brother(Leaving Akainu severely wounded)


he’s on his way to gather either the Mera-Mera no mi, the Magu-Magu no mi, or possibly both!

Half Of CP-0 is already in Wano!

With all of the powerful forces moved out of Marigeois everyone occupying this place will be vulnerable to a pirate attack. this is a secret mission to annex Wano

therefore not too many will be notified but as I’ve stated before, Blackbeard is already on the move, and possibly to collect something from the deceased that we heard of in episode ________

His Final Checkmate

  • will take Sakazukis Magma Fruit (or make and attempt and lose = Subversive)
  • magma fruit + earthquake fruit + Darkness Fruit = Volcanoes + Darkness (Power to Destroy the world)
  • will take up the similar Fight that Rox D. Zebec hoped to win before being defeated by Gold Roger and Monkey D. Garp.

Celestial Dragons/IMU Sama: The Gorosei (The Five Elders) & The Navy Admirals Eliminating Pirates

  • They will have the World Government under their thumb and will have a power that can devastate the pirate world
  • (Blackbeard will infiltrate, and destroy The celestial Dragons and demonstrate his new power attained as well as his power over the “Holy Land” = Subversive)
  • You know how the old saying goes “The victors of War rewrite history,” and in this case, it’s no different.
  • Disband and Arrest the Shichibuki


Whether my theories are true or proven to be completely wrong is yet to be seen. In the series and manga, we have a lot of information spread throughout. There is enough information for speculation on these levels and I’m giving credit to the author beforehand for his great writing skills regardless if I’m right or wrong. Being one of the most well-written stories conceived, One Piece is continuously offering a lot to fans. My last theory is we will be getting more information on the history of devil fruits and extinct races very soon and maybe answer the question of is Sakazuki dead or is he on the journey to Wano.

But let me know what you think in the comments below, Don’t forget to like and subscribe to be notified for more of my future videos thanks for watching ill catch y’all on my next video peace out!!

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