Gear 5: Cliffhanger The Secret to Luffy’s Awakening!

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ok, one-piece theory pitch, Luffy has already awakened his devil fruit in the form of his gear 4th, gear 5 isn’t necessary and I’m going to prove it to you right now! so make sure to stay to the end of the video and comment below with your thoughts and ideas

what up people and welcome its Paris at atomic anime with another One Piece devil fruit revelation theory DIVING INTO a different idea concerning Luffy, his gum fruit, Gear 5th and it’s awakening.

so firstly let’s talk about awakening

Awakening Means Mastery

Awakening, in my opinion, would have to be mastery of the gum fruit in which I also go in-depth about a possible secret ability held by that fruit and why it’s such a big deal.

if you are interested you can check that out in this video, I left in the tagged link above. The fight against Katakuri was Luffy mastering the awakening of the GUM fruit! We first saw the reveal of this ability in Water 7 when everything came down to either getting stronger or losing everything he cared for. as a team The straw hats all amped up their abilities. and As usual, Luffy was the key to victory by REVEALING NOT ONLY the second but the THIRD gear on top of it!


Similarities with Bleach (Not trolling)

a good example of what I mean by gear 5th being awakening and mastery would be a comparison between one piece and Bleach.


Ichigo’s Bankai and Luffy’s gears

Ichigo’s Bankai was different from any of the other soul reapers (shinigami) since he focused his Bankai internally to increase his speed and power, when Byakuya fought Ichigo he stated that there was no such thing as such a small Bankai and this was not it. Ichigo then proves him wrong. In the same fashion as that, Luffy’s power is also internal and directed externally to increase his attack and speed.

The Beginning of Awakening: Gear 2nd & Gear 3rd

Luffy’s Gear 2 and Gear 3 were practiced for expanding his control over his devil fruit, learning his limits, and increasing them.

eventually mastering these techniques to the point of now being able to combine them. His awakening happens within his body, as opposed to fighters like Doflamingo, and Katakuri. They have Paramecia that allow them to create or manipulate outer body material while still having slight Logia properties to them. while law and Eustace Kid seem to be focusing their power within (chapter ) as I expect Luffy will also do

One Piece Manga Vol. 40 One Piece Manga Vol. 44

GEAR 2ND (Organ Control & Increased Speed) Ep.272-273 Ch.387-388, Vol.40

Luffy achieves gear 2 Using his elastic body, he amplifies his blood flow to increase his fighting ability. The amplifying blood flow is a result of Luffy circulating his blood and oxygen more efficiently ultimately bypassing his normal limits, sort of like internal doping.

The 3rd Gear (Bone and muscle Manipulation / Raw Power) Ep.304-305 ch.421, Vol. 44

Going even further, gear 3rd removes the speed element and in return uses a different type of body manipulation by blowing up not only his body but also his rubber bones, to deliver maximum attack output by forming his powerful limbs into that of a giant.

All 4TH Gear Forms (Gears 2 & 3 Combined)(FULL AWAKENING)

When using a combination of 2nd and 3rd gear with the haki addition, the cherry on top, it gives him more control over all three. allowing him to achieve gear 4th. Luffy can add the combination together with a lot of focus and compressed tensile strength to make his rubber the hardest form it could attain.


  1. relating to tension.” a tensile force”
  2. capable of being drawn out or stretched.” a tensile steel rod”


BOUNCEMANS09 E726 Ch.784, Vol. 78GEAR 4th! The Phenomenal boundman!

Doflamingo himself remarked on this when he kicked Luffy in this form he noticed his skin was both rubbery and hard!

and we see it get taken even further with

TANK MAN: S011 E806 Ch. 845, Vol. 84 – “The Power of Satiety! A New Gear Four Form – Tank Man!

9 Minutes, 30 Seconds in.

Cracker fails to penetrate Luffy’s stomach and as the sword sits on Luffy’s belly, he slowly absorbs Cracker into his body. This allows Luffy to use Cracker as a human cannonball.

SNAKE MAN: S011 E870 Ch. 895, Vol. 89 – “A Fist of Divine Speed! Another Gear Four Application Activated!

which is the combination of his attack and speed forms which reminds me of something I’ve seen before which in making this statement I need to add two more anime to my list of examples

the comparisons to other anime that add to my suspicion of Luffy’s true powers include Fat Gum from My Hero Academia, and the Pokemon Deoxy’s

I believe that gear 4 can only be attained as a last resort, and only after his devil fruit has absorbed enough impacts to release an immense level of power and that’s where my comparison to fat gum comes in!.

for those who are familiar with MHA the hero fat gum was shown to be able to absorb people into his body as well as a store of energy from the damage he’s taken and turn this into a devastating attack (red riot episode)

and on the topic of deoxy All of the gear 4th transformations for some odd reason remind me of this Pokemon’s ability to transform into 4 forms, normal, speed, attack, and defense. so, we may or may not already be seeing it!

in one piece chapter 1030 and one of the latest chapters 1038 kid and law display their ability to awaken their devil fruit dealing massive damage to big mom.

I don’t think that Oda would show Luffy’s rivals demonstrate their awakened devil fruit abilities without giving it to him in such a crucial battle and he may need a new power to combat what I think is coming with the Kaido vs Luffy fight Kaido may have another power to his devil fruit click the link card at the top if you’d like to see my ideas on that theory


I seriously doubt that there will be a fifth gear, however, if I was to speculate on the other side of the debate and believe it to be possible, then it would fall into my theory of the GUM-GUM DF awakening. Reveals that the final awakening of the DF would be this addition.

If fifth gear was a reality, it should be his complete control over his fruit and the completion of him as an awakened devil fruit user.

while he is just labeling them “gears”

“The Wisdom King” Was The Previous Owner of the Gum Fruit and was Awakened! Chapter 990 (Vol. 98)

Spoken by Hyogoro of the flowers, this remark is either derived from a book or some old folklore stories passed down in the country of Wano, depicted in images is ‘the Wisdom King’ a man who did great things that earned him that name. This could be the story on Joy Boy.


Of course, these ideas are just me speculating and making possible theories, although seeing as we are dealing with Luffy, who never really notices things or pays too much attention to what’s happening. I do believe his gears are the process of awakening, but I don’t think that Luffy is even aware of the fact that he’s been doing it, which would be his typical character.

however, I do believe that in the end, he will defeat Kaido with a combination of gear 4th snake man, and Kings Haki.

but let me know what you think in the comments below, don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel for more One Piece theories thanks for watching!.

if you want more like this then here are some end cards with links to some of my other videos peace out!!

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