Joy Boy Crew Revelation Theory | The Living WMDs of One Piece!!

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All of the Ancient weapons are ready to be revealed and I’m going to attempt to unveil them, break them down, and uncover their true identities, and in doing so give evidence that they are indeed the crew of the sun god! Welcome to my “joy boy crew revelation Theory” make sure to stay tuned to the end of the video and comment below with your ideas and opinions

whats good people it’s Paris at atomic anime with another Far out video, looking to decipher the ancient secrets in one piece and IN THIS MOMENT attempt to blow your mind by challenging some of the greatest mysteries yet to be revealed going off of some of the most recent chapters in the manga to aid in potentially discovering the remaining two Weapons and placing them comfortably in joy boys presence

(spoilers included)

Pirate names

I’ll be the first to speculate that the names; pluton, Uranus, Poseidon, and even joy boy are not the names for these weapons but aliases used similarly to how pirates & marines use them

(i.e. straw hat Luffy or Sengoku THE BUDDHA)

Chapter 1040

Oda is making big moves in the pacing of the Wano arc by directly warning us of its climax giving us a clue that something major is on the way!. Chapter 1040 gives us a look into previously unknown information AND momos further connection into understanding Zunesha and his upcoming role

while simultaneously letting us know that the ancient giant wasn’t just some random elephant but instead the companion of Joyboy and I’m here theorizing that he and the other so-called weapons may be much more just than that.

JoyBoys ship & Crew Mates!

with that being said, I’m here for the bigger picture!. ultimately THERE IS FAR MORE BEING REVEALED IN THIS CHAPTER THAN WHAT is being directly stated

could The 3 ancient weapons be joy boys Crew, or what I’m going to label as his “Monster tRIO!!” (Similar to Zorro, Sanji, and Jimbei!! – Zoro = Underworld, Sanji = sky God, Jimbei = Sea god that will be the topic for later on.), and are the beings that live in th\is current era, the ones who hold the infamous initial “D”, the remnants of his crew members?

JoyBoys Companion Ship??

One Piece Treasure Cruise | Zunesha Ship!!

One Piece Treasure Cruise | Zunesha Ship!!


STUDYING on the internet I ran into a game called One Piece treasure cruise, WHETHER IT, SOUNDS CRAZY AND people want to attribute it to this or not, for me became A SIGN.

after doing a little bit of research I came to find that at one time in this game the “Zunesha ship” was unlockable, even though I don’t play this game I looked further into it and found out that you could gain this ship by completing quests in this game. though you may see this is a bit of a reach I’m going to take a stronger shot at further uncovering the Hidden truth that this monstrous creature is a ship AND NOT JUST ANY SHIP BUT THE SHIP OF JOY BOY in addition to being THE DEADLY and mysterious SHIP PLUTON!!!


my assumption concerning pluton would be Zunesha having to be equipped and fitted with a man-made attachment IN WHAT I ASSUME was depicted in the “now” destroyed blueprints of Pluton. THAT along with the addition of specially made weapons only craftable by the holder of these blueprints which are conveniently in the memory of the straw hat pirate Cyborg Franky. with speculation, Zunesha in theory, achieves his strongest form only after THE joining off all of these necessary components ARE COMPLETE. then, and only then does IT become “Pluton” Plutons weapons cant be crafted anywhere else but Wano and Franky will be the ones to craft them

if this idea is true then the titanic Zunesha would be a ship capable of traveling on land and Sea with carrying the rest of the crew without any type of restrictions while doubling as an ultimate force of nature.


the Gorosai (5 elders) gathered to discuss something big possibly Awakening stating that they went as far as to change the true name so that it would continue to stay hidden.

I think this Awakening in the discussion is the reason for Zuneisha arriving in Wano. It’s a response to Momonosukes struggle and the beginning of establishing a further connection between the two of them.

after his accelerated growth due to the powers of Shinobu’s Juku Juku no Mi DEVIL fruit, his abilities have been aged when before this he was a kid and he didn’t have the stature to hold such amazing power, His skills are now improved drastically.

tHE IDEA IS THAT Momonosuke is about to reach his true potential and take on his FATE as Uranus the Sky god.

(side note Luffy could also be the so-called awakened thing that’s bringing fear to the world government… which I go into in a previous video you can check in the description below or this link card.)


let’s go A BIT FURTHER THAN THE smaller clues I’ve been introducing so far in this video. let’s get slightly back into reality. I believe with confidence that WE CAN GATHER A LOT OF extra INFOrmation to fuel speculation BASED ON WHAT WE CAN DIG UP CONCERNING GREEK MYTHOLOGY WHERE PLUTON, POSEIDON, AND URANUS ARE ENTITIES OF THEIR OWN! and ill reveal the true identity of joy boy to these mythical greek gods in just a bit so stay tuned

comparisons to gods in mythology

Hades, Greek Aïdes (“the Unseen”), also called Pluto or Pluton (“the Wealthy One” or “the Giver of Wealth”), in ancient Greek religion, god of the underworld.

PLUTON or Pluto A.K.A. “hADES” (the roman translation) – god of the underworld. and referred to in the myths as the ruler of A FEW other things but more importantly, for this video let’s go with the specific titles of the god of death and the underworld. 

the idea of these relations to one another would fit snuggly into plutons capability to destroy an island with a single shot causing lots of death and destruction (a very fitting name for something responsible for extinguishing so many lives

Uranus grandfather of Zeus – God of The Skies

Uranus, in Greek mythology, is the personification of heaven. According to Hesiod’s Theogony, Gaea (Earth), emerging from primeval Chaos, produced Uranus, the Mountains, and the Sea

AFTER Plutons’ control over the lands COMES Uranus’s rule over the heavens. Uranus the god of the sky and the grandfather of Zeus in Greek mythology would go hand in hand with what has been displayed concerning the power of momonosukes artificial fruit.

i.e. being able to conjure up clouds for many purposes including flight making him the ultimate ruler of the skies


Momonosuke Possibly holds the variant type of Kaido’s devil fruit which was purposely manipulated by the world government TO PRODUCE such a different result. Instead of a Sieryu, Momonosuke will be the “Raijin” which would in turn perhaps Connect him to Shirahoshi and Fishman island!. I go over this theory in my previous video linking Ryugu (jo) Palace to the very same palace owned by the Raijin in the story Urashima Taro! This massive underwater palace in both stories is shown as being adorned with a giant dragon

(I’m comparing it to Kaidos fruit in that video but can be easily replaced with Momonosuke).

if you’re interested you can check that out with this info card at the top of the video

(considering momos devil fruit was created as a by-product of the government’s research into Kaido’s lineage factor)

Poseidon & Neptune (ROMAN) GOD OF THE SEAS

and last but not least is Poseidon referred to as the god of the sea, storms, earthquakes, and horses, brother of Zeus, and hades AND has a direct translation to Neptune in the romanized text. this in itself could have already lent in the discovery of the weapon Poseidon had we not already been introduced to it in the form of Shirahoshi on Fishman island

The 4 ancient weapons! Luffy Is APOLLO!

But to put the cherry on top of all of this is joy boy himself. a.k.a nikka the sun god, or into a real-world interpretation, joy boy and Luffy are depictions of the Greek god APOLLO!!,physical%20superiority%20and%20moral%20virtue.

the Olympian god of the sun and light, music and poetry, healing and plagues, prophecy and knowledge, order and beauty, archery and agriculture

as I’ve speculated in previous videos Luffy may have an extra addition to his fruit which contributes another theory to this crazy list of mine the possible revealing Luffy’s devil fruit as not being paramecia, or mythical Zoan, but in reality, a mythical god or deity fruit model apollo, the sun god

(nEW Video Coming Soon diving deeper into Luffy’s connection to apollo) or possibly even a reincarnation or Karma-based Fruit (karma- karma devil fruit!)

With the addition and revelation of the sun god being Luffy we now have the semi-complete model of the crew of joy boy just by looking at the straw hats right now! Luffy as Joy Boy, Sanji as Uranus, jimbei as Poseidon, and Zoro as pluton/hades

The Will of D!

my interpretation of the mysterious name “D” that is said to belong to the lineage of the devil, the ones who are in opposition to gods is, in reality, The “Will of The Descendants!”.

making everyone who bears the letter D the carriers of the will from that time of the void century, therefore, being passed down from those souls of the past

Sky, Land & Abyss Deities | Comparisons in Anime


Just a quick smaller comparison and I know I related my IDEAS IN MY last video to a pokemon and a My Hero Academia character but for one more instance I’m going to have to go the old pokemon route again and very quicky ill just leave it on the screen

(ash would remind me of joy boy or Luffy, the comparisons between their character, and what they stand for as well as the comparisons between these pokemon and what I think is what we can expect from one piece )

Rayquaza – Momonosuke = URANUS (Protectors of the skies)

Groudon – Zunesha = PLUTON (Protectors of the land)

Kyogre – Shirahoshi = POSEIDON (protector of the seas)


whether or not any of this is true is yet to be seen and I’m still eagerly awaiting all of Oda’s future works while still looking forward to what the story of one piece has to offer. let me know what your opinions and theories are in the comments below and don’t forget to like and subscribe on the way out, thanks for watching, and ill catch y’all on my next video peace!!

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