Luffy New Form | Joy Boys Lunarian Lineage Revealed!

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Nikka The Lunarian

just as King the wildfire can create and manipulate flames Nika may also have this same ability! during the skypeia arc, we can see the silhouette figure of Joy Boy dancing while his hair is seemingly lit ablaze similarly to how we see King with the flame lit on his back

this could mean that joy boy may be a Lunarian! and if this seems random and off-topic it’s not because to reveal what’s happening to fluffy we first need to look into a few things concerning the rubber v.s resin debate, as well as the Lunarian lineage factor and Luffy’s devil fruit awakening

and in doing so I’m going to attempt to possibly prove a theory that I’ve had for quite some time now

but before I get more into the video I will be speaking on a few of the manga chapters up to the most current so now that you know there will be spoilers

make sure to stay to the end of the video comment below with your thoughts and ideas

now let’s get into it

Chapter 1039 Color Spread

That’s a rubber tree, not a resin/ coniferous tree

Difference between resin and rubber-producing trees

After quite a bit of studying thE colored panel of chapter 1039 and the resulting research, I did into the types of trees that produce resin and the ones that produce rubber I concluded that the tree that we see in this chapter could very well still be a rubber tree!

(The Most popular for rubber extraction would be the Hevea brasiliensis which is a species of rubberwood that is native to rainforests in the Amazon region of South America, including Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia)

(this has to also fit geologically to where Luffy would be from in the real world, that being brazil!)

I did a lot of boring research but in the end, I found out that rubber and resin are extracted from separate types of trees respectively

(rubber trees being deciduous: or having broad flat leaves)

(and resin producing trees being coniferous: having pine needle leaves and usually trees that bear cones)

and looking at thIS CHAPTERS cover that Oda artistically put together (1039)

in the right corner, we can see some leaves

which at first glance CAN BE EASY TO MISS or seem unimportant but If we pay a bit more attention to this small detail we can see that the leaves are broad and flat, the significance of this being that rubber-producing trees are deciduous meaning they would have these specific types of leaves whereas resin producing trees bear pine needles and are generally cone producing trees

signifying that tree in the color spread is the rubber tree

Rubber Treatment v.s Resin Treatment

and continuing on this train of thought we can talk about how rubber is treated compared to resin wherein rubber is treated with fire AND HEAT while the resin is chemically treated, the only thing that would have a proper place in enhancing Luffy’s power would be that of fire as we see him constANTLY IGNITING FIRE WHEN IT COMES TO CERTAIN ATTACKS LIKE RED HAWK

What would be the point

Luffy’s fruit turning out to be the resin fruit and not the rubber fruit wouldn’t make an impact or a difference considering both have very similar properties! So what would be the point of changing the substance and the name? in theory the only thing that would make sense is a resin form for his rubber which would be brought about by the addition of fire (resin in look only)

tHE sUN/fIRE gOD straw hat Luffy

My major theory to this is that Luffy being reborn as Nika will provide him with the powers of fLAME MANIPULATION!! SIMILAR TO kING THE WILDFIRE AND Firefist ACE and it wouldn’t be too far off to say that Luffy’s hair looking as though it’s transforming into a rubber or a resin type substance is, in reality, us seeing Luffy’s Lunarian lineage rising in the form similar to joy boys flaming hairstyle and we’ve already seen this before while in gear 4th as it’s even more expressed in his snake man form

Lunarians have white hair! and in the panel where we see his hair changing, we can see a white or very light color substance creeping up from under Luffy’s darker colored hair!

(Kinda like a super Saiyan look but with two color layers like fusion Goten & Trunks)

we know that when a person consumes the devil fruit their whole genetic makeup changes, it transforms that person or thing into whatever type of fruit they consume

(ex:) Enel being a lightning man or jack being a wooly mammoth)

Luffy has become a Lunarian due to the world government adding Kings Lunarian DNA into the mix and just like Sanji he had to awaken these abilities.

I’m still speculating that Luffy’s Devil fruit isn’t the rubber or resin fruit but the Karma- Karma no mi!! as I’ve theorized in my very first video on this channel which you can check out in the link card above

(Link to the karma-karma no mi theory video)

the karma fruit would work in soo many ways considering he’s been somewhat of a deliverer of justice shelling out damage and d3estruction to enemies who are far out of his league righting wrongs and destroying the owners of bad karma while at the same time saving whole countries while delivering them good karma in the form of true justice!

being killed by Kaido and returning as joy boy at the end of the chapter would lend to the reincarnation theory concerning the karma fruit that I eluded to previously which in return would complete these powers

Meaning that Luffy’s death is his awakening!!!

joy boy possibly was a Lunarian who ate the gum-gum (Karma fruit) fruit and o0nce he passed away the fruit went back to its base form where it would collect energy throughout the centuries gathered by the previous wielders of this fruit!

(similar to the all for one quirk in my hero academia which coincidentally has the new wielder of this power inherit the power of the predecessors as well)

along with adding Lunarian DNA back into the mix bringing about its completion. We will possibly be able to see the effects on the rubber side of the fruit when a flame addition is present

and if it seems like I’m reaching with this theory then let’s talk more about King and the experiments done on him which were only briefly and vaguely discussed as “endurance tests” in chapter 1035

but could these tests, in reality, be the government’s experiments with his DNA?

No Gear 5th but awakening

and when it comes to Luffy’s power I already gave my opinion in my previous video on the debate between whether Luffy will attain gear 5th or would gear 5th be unnecessary I give my thoughts that Luffy’s gears were either mastery or potentially the awakening of his devil fruit implying that gear 5 would be meaningless and now as new chapters begin to reveal its starting to seem like I might be partially correct.

with the current events, I’m falling towards his, death being his awakening through the completion of good karma leading up to his reincarnation as well as gear 4th being the mastery of his devil fruit at that current level.

Luffy will still use the same forms as he did with his gears and we’ve already had a hint concerning this in episode 1001 when Luffy is fighting one of the Numbers he transforms into the bounce man version of gear 4th which surprises Hyogoro and as he is observing the fight he states that Luffy looks like the sun god which would mean that joy boy used to take this very same form all those centuries ago!


I think that we are witnessing the merging of Lunarian DNA into this so-called Rubber fruit but what do you think? does Luffy possibly have the power of resin now instead of rubber or do you think my theory on inherited Lunarian DNA, and karma, make a bit of sense? let me know what you think in the comments below, don’t forget to like, subscribe and ring that bell for notifications on my new content!. thanks for checking out my video ill see yall later peace out.

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