Zoro Will Become Asura!! The King Of Hell

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in an identical situation to when Luffy passed away and revived as Joy Boy, finally awakening his true power I’m going to speculate that Zoro is in fact on the brink of death and we are witnessing him go through a similar transformation that we’ve seen Sanji and Luffy go through… HE will not die BUT will Overcome death!

there are a few theories that I believe could be the next steps in gaining power concerning Zoro and I’m speculating that he will either literally defeat death, will be revived by a specific person

(and I’m not speaking about Law the “surgeon of death”)

or will be seen worthy to be granted even more power

with that being said I will be speaking about recent manga chapters yet to be adapted into anime format in this theory! so now that you’ve been warned make sure to stay to the end of the video, and comment below with your thoughts and ideas

now let’s get into it

Let’s Count The Ways!!

what I mean by the defeat of death can be taken in a few different ways as I mentioned previously and if you can believe it, I came to this theory after watching episode 39 of the Arlong Park Arc.

The words that Zoro spoke to Hachi right before his victory have to be foreshadowing for what’s to come in the future revealing the last step to him becoming the number one swordsman in the world.

(ep. 39: 10min, 47sec – 11min, 1sec | ZORO Tells Hachi “I’ll tell you one thing octopus. there’s a man I need to meet up with. Until I see him again… My life can’t be taken… Even by death himself”)

What we have been presented with within this episode has solidified something in my head especially when put together with some of the most recent chapters, chapters 1036 & 1038.

now when we jump forward into this series of chapters. it shows us that in the aftermath of the fight between himself and King he is hanging on to the last thread of his life and as he lies there bleeding out

King of The Underworld: ENMA

he is approached by what seems to be death itself! but I don’t think it’s exactly that simple I’m going to theorize that the figure that

WE SEE IN this CHAPTER is NOT DEATH BUT is THE PERSONIFICATION OF THE SWORD Enma in the form of death or a Shinigami!.

(A Shoutout and a nod to bleach with the soul reaper/Zanpakuto relationship)

(In another fight Zoro vs Kamazo where Zoro flexes on Kamazo and takes his scythe and upon adding the scythe as his 3rd sword he ignites a demonic like aura before easily defeating Kamazo)

Zoro The King Of Hell

I have a suspicion that Zoro will receive an awakening of his own but not through a devil fruit but through somewhat of a possession. my theory here requires me to leave the one-piece world and take a step into the world of shinigami, Bleach!. if my thoughts are correct here then that would mean that the sword that Zoro carries has a mind and spirit of its own

I’m an overall firm believer and fan of this PARTICULAR THEORY ABOVE ALL and believe that Zoro will be fused with the energy of Enma as a result of becoming the embodiment of the king of the underworld. finally being able to wield the sword, without any drawbacks because, Zoro has proven his worth! and in the battle for control has ended up on top.

(as we’ve seen it takes action on its own by absorbing Zoros Haki to test his worth! in episode 954)

if this theory were to be true then the reaper that we see approaching could very very well be a shinigami, but not the same as the soul reapers in bleach but paralleling them by making an actual shinigami the swords true form just as in bleach we witness soul reapers having special swords called Zanpakuto in which has a true form as well as a name that can be called upon to awaken a greater power.

Could Zoro Be Pluton!?

and I know in one of my previous videos which ill leave a link to for you to check out… I’ve already thrown my idea of Zunesha being the ancient weapon pluton into the ring but I also have a secondary theory on that which concerns Zoro!. I won’t be getting into this video right now but will be publishing that idea soon so stay tuned and subscribe for updates (Link to my 2 theories on pluton)

Zoro’s Demonic Aura

throughout the series, Zoro’s energy has been stated to be very dark and demonic but usually using his dark side for good (ex: the fight against Kaku at Enies Lobby, protecting Hiyori, slashing the shogun who tried to frame him for the murder of a citizen, etc..)

Zoro’s Skillset and attack naming!

expanding on the last theory of the group speculating that Zoro’s life will now be attached to this sword, and with his new arsenal comes the attachment to death itself

his attacks and words have always foreshadowed his destiny looking back at the very first time Zoro’s most powerful attacks were introduced which have demon names as well as Mythological Deities Like Asura

  • Burning Demon Cut
  • Demon Crow
  • Demon Spirit Nine-Sword Style: Asura (ch. 1010 & episode. 299 )
  • Asura: One Silver Fog
  • Asura: Demon Nine Flash


Asuras: are described as power-seeking clans related to Devas (also known as Suras) in Hinduism. In the Buddhist context, the word can be translated as “titan”

and not to mention how all of his dragon attacks correspond to the dragon Vritra WHO is the embodiment of evil and an Asura from Hindu mythology which can be linked to all of his other attacks

No Sword Style ep.212 & ep.922


another idea that could be up for discussion while also being my least favorite theory is that brook and robin may stumble upon Zoros’s body with brook deciding to use his revive fruit to either revive Zoro at the cost of his own life or could merge with him so they become one.

(similar to thriller bark with Ryuma owning brooks shadow!)


however these are just my speculation and theories based on what I’ve been seeing in the series but what do you think, will Zoro overcome death and become the king of the underworld or will there be another act in saving his life? let me know what you think in the comments below, make sure to like subscribe, and hit that bell for notifications, and thanks for watching ill cath yall on my next video peace out!

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